First Snow of the winter

123_2307_JFR.jpgI guess having the first snowfall of the year on November 9th really isn’t early. It feels like it, though, because we are so not ready for snow to fly. They’d been telling us were were going to get hammered here in the Monadnock region, four or five inches, which would have been a lot for an early snow, but really, we only got a dusting. We’re grateful.

123_2308_JFR.jpgIt’s chilly enough that the girls seemed to be enjoying the temporary shelter, and I could only get a picture of them through the kitchen window. Any time I go outside, I don’t have to even say anything, but they hear my footsteps on the deck and start with the Baaaa-ing. Frank can go out and they don’t make a peep. Even late at night, when they should all be asleep, if I say anything outside, the chorus starts. Mom has clearly been identified as the barer of treats. Good! It’ll help them follow me.

123_2310_JFR.jpgWhile we were sitting in the kitchen taking pictures of the sheep, we spotted the first cardinals I’ve ever seen. So pretty! The pair of them were going back and forth between all of the crab apple trees. I wonder if we will have time to put up some bird houses that they’ll like before the spring? Frank says they are mostly meadow birds, and I guess we are finally cutting down enough trees that we are becoming a meadow instead of a small clearing in the woods.

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