More sheep, free

123_2382_JFR.jpgI think we are certifiably insane at this point. We are hugely busy trying to get ready for the sheep this fall, but on track to make it, and somehow we’ll find time to get the firewood in. When Todd was over helping with the sheds the other day, his wife Debby wrote to me and said that they had friends who were closing up their farm, and would we like their purebred Shetland sheep, for free, in exchange for their fleeces for two years? We should have said “no thanks” but did we? We did not. We are getting more sheep.

They are very pretty sheep though. When we had decided to get Icelandic sheep, Frank’s second choice was Shetlands, so we just really can’t resist them. It looks like they did a great job with breeding stock. None of these new 7 are related to each other, and we are getting two rams, 4 pregnant ewes, and a wether, who is part Icelandic.

The math problem this has turned out to be though! We have two sheds and yards, and I just can’t see how we don’t need a third. I’m not sure we’ll have enough time to do a third, but I don’t think we really have a choice. We have to keep all of our female lambs separate from all rams, or we will have 78,000 sheep in the spring. But I do want to breed Fiona and Kaytla to Sue again this year, so they need to be penned together for a while.

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