125_2540_JFR.jpgSo no one got out last night, despite the new shed fencing being adjusted very late last night. Woo! It’s like we are getting the hang of this. (Knocking madly on wood just in case.) When I went to feed the mamas and the papas, they went out to where we’d been feeding them all this time, which gave me time to adjust the big rubber buckets thingies in their new sheds before I fed them there. So that worked out well.

As I walked down with hay, I saw Raven mounted on Sassy, so maybe he doesn’t have them all pregnant yet, which is a good thing, because we don’t want lambs in February. But it also explains why he’s trying so hard to get Panic out of his pen. Panic came rushing up to get to the hay, and Raven and Leon tag-teamed the ramming again. This is not going to work. We had to get Panic out of there.

The only place I could think to put him is in a little corridor between two of the sheds. It’s not much space, sort of the size of a small stall. But we rigged up a barrier at the end of it to keep Sue and those girls out of it with yet another pallet. I hope that holds! I put two over the edge little feeders, one for hay and one for water, and I found a scrap piece of wood to cover the corner that Frank screwed to one of the pallet gates. It’s not fancy, there isn’t enough space for him for a long time, but it’ll do until Frank can think of something else.

Getting Panic out of the Shetland pen only took two tries, because Raven and Leon were blocking his escape routes, which helped. Poor little Panic. He’s got one side of his little pen where I bet the Icelandic girls will flirt with him, anyway.

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