Part Three — The Quinns

In the late summer of 2005, the Quinns asked us to have our sheep help them reclaim a pasture, because their horses were cherry picking, and they’d seen the fabulous job the girls had done on our driveway. Since we were down to nothing and about ready to have to put them on hay, we happily agreed.

Moving the girls their was done in our newly purchased used horse trailer, one trip. They just all packed in there. I walked the llamas up. They loved it, and we moved them every few days. The Quinns paid a lot of attention to them, and we brought them water every day. Their fences aren’t good enough for sheep, though, so we had to weave our electronet around their horse fencing.

As we got so close to winter, it became harder to judge when, and they got out too often, and was a pain in the neck for the Quinns and us together. A few times, the llamas got out and went to visit Liz’s horses across the street, so we felt bad for two families then. They were all really nice and helpful about getting them back, but they were becoming unwelcome.

Bringing the sheep home was easy, but getting the llamas back was a pain. We eventually convinced Mary to follow her sister, but it was dicey for a while. The moving truck was packed and waiting for our temp move away, and I couldn’t leave Valerie a farm to watch with a critter out.

Last summer, Valerie found some place else to put the whole herd, closer to where she worked. (I’ll write about that place in another installment.) I wonder what the Quinns did to their fences in the intervening year. We should take a walk up there some weekend and say hi. We told them we’d be gone a year, and now we are back. I wonder if I can park some sheep there this spring.

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