Wood Floors and Mud

Keith is bringing a hundred bales of hay tomorrow morning, so we had to get a floor into the hay storage thingie. (I’ve got to come up with a better name for it. But it isn’t a barn! It isn’t a shed! What should I call it?)

We got out there right after feeding the sheep, so 9ish, and just worked until it was done. But done it is. We made it out of the 1 x whatever that came off of the old sheep sheds. Recycled lumber is great (especially since we’d cut all of this originally on the sawmill), even if we did have to deal with many, many nails. Frank has god knows how many holes in his wellies now, sadly. I didn’t get any! Go me.

We were expecting the foundation and escavator guys to show up mid-day, and they did. Just in case they called, we put one of the wireless phones in a ziplock bag and brought it out with us. The weather was horrid — rainy and windy. 65! So muddy, like April time. Ick. They showed up around 1 and we showed them where we want the addition foundation as well as the barn. How big of a barn? As big as the area will hold, of course.

We came in for lunch and a rest after that, and I noticed that weather.com was showing a weather warning. Oops. A line of thunderstorms and dangerous winds was headed straight for us. So out we went, to reinforce the strapping on the hay thing. We stacked up all sorts of lumber around the outside, include 4 x 6 oak beams. Surely we haven’t just assembled a very expensive kite.

I fed the sheep, under their shelters as much as I could. I noticed that the crap thing we have for the llama pen was flapping in the wind, so I took a bunch of twine over and tied it back down as best I could. The first new shelter has got to be their’s. I had put out one of the dog igloo things in that pen, so I know at least the three sheepies in there will be okay. (I’ve seen all three of them come out of it!)

I wonder what will still be standing out there in the morning. The wind is howling wicked fierce.

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