Fiber Friday

Frank inspired me today as we were coming in from finishing the morning chores. The wind has really been howling lately and the temps remain in the single digits, and I’ve taken to doubling up everything when I go out, including my hat. He copied me today and said that it really did work, but he remembers this one real wool hat he bought in the 70s at a ski resort, for $40, that was the best.

Hey, wool we have. I’ve been wondering what to do with all of the Icelandic yarn I have spun up. It’s my first skein stuff, so bumpy and lumpy, and has all sorts of flaws in it. I’d never actually made a hat, but how hard could a simple one be?

So I got out my Little Box of Crocheted Hats and Scarves book, picked one out that used a chunky yarn, and I whipped it up in just over an hour.

DSC02280 Not bad! My first hat, from my first yarn, from my sheep. It’s very exciting. It even fit.

Valerie says she wants one, in pink, and I suggested that maybe I do stripes of the llama fiber with it as well, since pink and brown are her colors these days, plus I need something to do with all that yarn I have! I ordered a bunch of dye yesterday, and learning to paint roving is next up on my fiber to-learn list.

DSC02267All was well in the sheepie pens this morning, so we moved Leon into Sue’s crew today. I think he’ll be better in there, with all of the grown-ups. I swear his attitude at being stuck in a pen with Buster was like a teenager who got stuck at the kids table at Thanksgiving.

DSC02264 Buster seems to be getting pushed around by everyone in the girls’ pen, but remains the cutest sheep in all the world. When they won’t let him have grain, he goes over to the hay feeder and feasts all by himself. He’s no dummy, even if he is low sheep on the totem pole.

Oh, I think I figured out how the llamas got out the other day. I caught Mary with one end of the twine in her mouth, tugging away. When that didn’t work, she very carefully grabbed the other end and tried that. Brat! Double knots from now on, my girl.

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