And another ram lamb!

Boy! What is it with us and boys this year?!

DSC04255Frank had to leave early this morning, so we were up and about way earlier than I usually am. I couldn’t resist walking out for a lamb check, though, and sure enough, there was Fiona, cleaning off this little guy. Yup, we saw huge horn buds even from a distance, and knew it was a boy. That yellow on him was just the after-birth.

DSC04259I was sure she was going to have another, as she’s twinned for me twice before, but nope, she was done. Just this one huge (cute!) ram lamb. Buster and Baabs are hers from last year, and this one looks exactly like Buster, all white except for one black spot on his ear. That makes us four for four, all boys, all badger-face except for this one. I still have 9 ewes to go, and ladies, I’d really really like some ewes now, please and thank you!

In other news, I signed us up for a draft horse workshop mid-May. What. You think we should learn how to use draft horses before we actually get draft horses? Ha. We never do things in the correct order.

yogurt I also signed us up for two gallons of raw milk from Stonewall Farm, so that I can keep experimenting with cheese and yogurt, even before I can milk my girls. This past week, I made yogurt, butter and cottage cheese, all which turned out lovely. I’m going to try a hard cheese with tomorrow’s batch.

I also ordered one of those Udderly EZ milking gizmos, for both a mare and for sheep. (Just typing that makes it hard to keep my head in the sand about having a foal in June.)

DSC04260 I’m also cooking and baking a lot. I am really trying to limit the stuff we buy, mostly for health reasons. I can’t stand all of the crap that is in “food” these days, and I worry. I don’t like us to eat much processed food at all. We’ve been keeping eating out to once a week or so, but I’ve been buying bread, which is silly. I like making bread, why not do it? I’ve been using “The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook“, which I love. This loaf is the Maple Buttermilk, and I used up the buttermilk I had left over from making butter, which I found cool.

I have two bread machines, which is just crazy, but I do. My big one is this huge Zojirushi, which I really put away when the kids moved out. I keep it for holidays and stuff, though. But I got this little wee West Bend “Just for Two” ones, which I also love, and I’ve been using that. That one is great for bread for dinner or whatever, but not so much for sandwiches, which is why I was buying bread. Like I said though, that’s crazy, so I hauled out the big one and have been making sandwich bread too.

DSC04256 Egil is so handsome, isn’t he? He’s such a ham. He crows and crows, on the highest points he can reach, and poses for me when I pull out the camera. It must be in those Icelandic genes, because the puppy does the same thing. I like friendly critters, though. Who knew roosters were friendly?

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