Latch and Halter

We have latch Look at that latch. What a wonderful sight and sound that was. It didn’t take me too long to get her going. Mama’s milk gave her a good boost of energy. I mostly left them alone, but Pearl kept coming over to the corner and stomping for my attention, wanted help. I swear she kept looking at me like “why won’t she latch? I’m dripping milk!” Between the two of us, we got her on, what a bloody relief to us all.

Unfortunately, I think that big belly full of milk that we gave her by tube also gave her the runs. She is scouring pretty badly, though it has gotten better in even 12 hours, not getting worse. I’m putting bag balm and Crisco on her backside, to protect the skin from burning. I think that’s all I need to do. (I hope.)

First time in a halter After some time spent just playing and petting her, I put her into a halter for about ten minutes. She didn’t fight it at all, and looks quite pretty in red, I think. I ran around with her outside, playing. She’s so affectionate and playful, just loves to be cuddled, just like her mama.

Pearl will leave her with me for a little while, then rushes over to be with us. I made sure to give her a lot of attention, too. She got well groomed, which she loves. It’s nice and warm today, but breezy, not too hot. Perfect weather for them to enjoy the outside, because the breeze will help with the flies.

Speaking of which, the flies have been awful this year. Sleeping in the tack room at Cassie’s barn the other night has left me absolutely covered in bites, from mosquitoes, noseeums, deer flies, oh my. Yuck! We got some parasitic wasps the other day, which are supposed to feed on fly larva. The difference in flies and other biting stuff here at our farm is amazing. Cassie’s place was much, much worse. So I think something is working, or the combination of the Mega Catches and the wasps.

Names on the short list are Polly and Pandora. We all like Penny a lot, too, but found there were lots of Percherons named Penny.

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  1. How is she going? What have you named her? I hope she’s not part of the general discouragement that is coming your way at the moment (which I hope doesn’t continue. It sounds awful).


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