Saturday Bee Update

I skipped the bees last week because of the summer doldrums. I could have skipped this week as well.

The leftmost hive is finally drawing the comb in their first super (after four weeks). It’s about half done, with no nectar. Interestingly, they’re drawing all the frames at once rather than working from the center out as they normally do.

The next hive is just not up to par. No comb drawn on their single super, many fewer bees than the other three hives. It might be time to requeen this one.

The other two hives, with two supers each are about the same: plenty of bees in the top supers, no drawn comb. The rightmost hive seems more populous, but both seem fine.

I am going to check again next week. The left hive might be ready for a second super, and as long as I suit up, I’ll poke into them all.

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