Bread and cheese

Here comes more snow! I thought this felt like a lot of snow early in the season. Then I heard the other day that we’d already broken a 100 year record for the amount of snow we’ve had in December. It’s the 27th, and we are expecting 3-4 inches tonight, and 3-4 later in the week. Eek! I wonder if the whole winter is going to be this snowy. Wouldn’t that happen when hay is in short supply?! (Murphy. I’m not so much a fan of him.)

More Playing! The pups love it, of course. Deeza likes staying outside in the snow even more than Bjarki does, which is just amazing, because he loves the snow. More often than not, though, he’s waiting at the door while she wants to sit on the porch and watch all of the critters and the snow. I wonder if it’ll soon be old hat for her too, or if this will last. They play really nicely, right near the house, and are so much fun to watch. I keep trying to get a picture of her hanging on to his tail, being pulled all around, but I think I’m laughing too much when I try, and they all come out very blurry. I call her my little wolverine, monster and beast. She is one tough cookie.

Bread rising I’ve baked up a storm today. I’ve got hotdog rolls, hamburger rolls and a braided loaf baked. I’ve got some of the cinnamon rolls I started yesterday in the oven now, for a (very late) dessert. They better taste really, really, really good, because what a pain in the neck recipe. Everything took much longer than it was supposed to. I have two dozen to freeze, though. It’ll be nice to have a few for breakfast without having to actually cook them.

[Interlude to have dessert!]

Dessert The rolls are really nice! I finished making the cream cheese that I started yesterday I like to use the cooked-curds method for cream cheese, and I like to let it set for at least a day, not the overnight most recipes use. I think it tastes so much better. I am really enjoying the raw milk from the Jersey cows. Cream-colored cream cheese is so much different looking and tasting from the store-bought stuff. I used it in the glaze on the rolls. Cream cheese is pretty easy to make, but really, I only think it’s worth it for making a glaze or a cheese cake. Or in a fresh from the garden veggie cream cheese spread. (Oh, summer, how I miss you.)

I tried a new-to-me cheese today — caerphilly. I’m not sure why I picked it to try, except that you only age it for a few weeks. I just bought one of those external thermostats for the old refrigerator we have down in the basement. We’re going to bring that up to the farm office and I’ll use it for a cheese cave. That room is looking weird for what most people call an office. It’s full of wool, honey bears, a freezer full of meat, all our sheepie medical supplies, and a t-shirt press.

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