Retail Therapy

Ahem, missy We’ve been pretty lucky, in that we can leave the puppy outside to play for an hour or two without much bother. He mostly hangs out with Misty, and I have got to get a picture of the two of them playing. He will bring her his ball, and she will push it with her neck, and he goes and chases it, wash rinse repeat. It’s so cute. This morning, though, I looked out of the kitchen window, and the two of them were headed way way down the driveway, happy as can be, but, uh, no. He came back when called, and Ms. Misty took her sweet time getting back. Have I mentioned that I need to get her behind a fence? Oy.

168:365 Retail therapy We finally went into town, because we needed a gazillion things and it just couldn’t be put off any longer. There’s a new storm coming too, so with all of the holiday shopping, it was awful, but at least it’s now done. We got a pig trough thing that they hopefully won’t be able to flip for their water. We got floating heater thingies for all of the sheep water troughs. We got special pig grain, since we are almost out of the Allstock that we’ve been using. We only bought a couple of bags to see if they like it, and when I took it into them when we got back, they were so hungry that they knocked me over and man was that scary. Thankfully, I was wearing a leather jacket, but I thought for a moment there that I was going to be dinner. Frank got enough electrical crap to start our own store, I swear. Where I thought we could just run extension cords out to each pen, he says we have to install another breaker box out there, to the tune of nearly $500. Ouch!

I can’t tell from the weather forecasts exactly what is going to happen this week, but it looks like snow, snow, freezing rain, snow and more snow. So I’m not sure how much is going to get done outside this week. The list of crap still to be done outside is long, of course, but oh well! What happens, happens. I’m so zen about it all, at this point. Everyone is under cover, even if we are still using the livestock trailer for George and Gracie, so be it!

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