Spring Cleaning

Yes, it finally looks like Spring, and mostly after mud time too. We’ve started preparations for this year.

Saturday we dismantled all of the horse house that isn’t part of the pig containment system. (Fence is inaccurate and less fun.) I finished up while Lisa cleaned up the first flower bed of the season.

Today we finally parked the horse trailer properly. It’s been frozen in place since February. The wood from the horse house is stacked there, waiting to become coops for our new birds.

I went into the woods and brought out the tapping gear. I didn’t do so well on the tubing that I want to leave it there. Next year I can do a far better job. Our last real run was Saturday April 5. Apparently others got good flow throughout the week, but we only got dribs and drabs, nothing after Wednesday. Bringing it in was very quick. Hopefully cleaning it will be the same.

The next order of business is to redo the pig contaiment system, using electric fence, to allow them to cultivate the rest of the garden so Lisa can start planting there. We don’t have time to make raised beds this year, so she’ll be planting into the ground.  This will also allow us to strike the rest of the horse house.

The melt has been very fast these last few days. I can start skidding the trees I dropped anytime I have time. Which needs to be now: The orchard is coming, the pigs will finish the garden and need a new spot next week, and the horses need to come home.

But it’s all fun and beats the crap out of selling software. Writing software is almost as much fun, but provides no exercise.

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