Minnie's Magic So here’s my idea. I’ve been experimenting with Compost Tea and have a couple of local gardening centers who will let me brew some in their shops to sell.

I was thinking of naming it something like "Minnie’s Magic", and asked Mr. Mighty Mangler to draw me Minnie with all of Minerva McGonagall‘s trappings, like the hat and magic wand, stirring a cauldron.

What do you think? Does it not work if you don’t know about Minnie or is it cute anyway? What if I did a little small booklet with pictures of Minnie on the display? Brainstorm with me, please! I asked Minnie about it today, and she’s all there for becoming a local celebrity.

(Compost Tea really is magical stuff. All organic and plants are amazingly healthy when they get some.)

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  1. Well, since most shoppers will not have heard of Minnie, I suggest you add to the label/packaging something like Pig Poo, which conveniently rhymes with Witches Brew (as seen in the drawing) and don’t forget to make it clear that the product is food for the garden/flowers. I have talked about such teas with people dozens of times, and there’s always one or two that still think I’m taking about a drink. Really. The drawing is very cute, BTW.


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