One Local Summer, Week 2

We had three meals all sourced right here on my farm today. Our morning omelet was our eggs and homemade mozzarella cheese with homemade bread that we ate before I remembered to photograph. It was yummy, though!

For lunch, I trimmed up some of my basil plants, made some whole wheat pizza dough with King Arthur flour, used some of the pizza sauce that I had canned last summer, and more of my homemade mozzarella cheese. It’s a really simple pizza that way, but it really let the flavors come through nicely. I usually pile on every veggie I have available, but this was a really nice alternative and I think I’ll do this more often.

Dinner For dinner, we had steaks from the grass-fed half of a cow that I bought earlier this year. I think I’m mentioned a hundred times how yummy this stuff is, but wow is it good! Frank thinned the spinach in the garden, just giving us enough for a meal. I wilted it with a little butter and it is amazing just picked like that. Wow. Our potato was from Maine, probably more than 100 miles from us, actually, but oh well. The chives were from our garden at least.

Flavor Bomb Ice Cream For desert, I took advantage of the “spices don’t count” rule, and made what I call my Flavor Bomb ice cream. Local milk and our eggs made into custard, and I let some ginger, cardamom, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean and half a nutmeg seep in it. I chopped up some candied ginger from The Goodie Shoppe in Keene and added that just at the end, then sprinkled a little more freshly ground nutmeg on top for good measure. It’s so good! Truly, a flavor bomb.

4 thoughts on “One Local Summer, Week 2”

  1. It all looks very yummy! Are you happy with your canned pizza sauce recipe? I’m thinking about canning some this summer as we go through a ton of pizza sauce during the winter. Last summer I canned salsa, but I think we go through more pizza sauce. And I’m having the same dilemma with my bag of Maine potatoes. I think Maine counts though…much closer than Idaho! 🙂

  2. The pizza sauce is really yummy. I wish I’d written down more about what I did, but I think I basically put lots of veggies and spices with a bushel of tomatoes, then whirred it with a stick blender. It’s thick and rich. Very tasty.

    Soon to be pizza sauce


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