One Local Summer, Week 3

Breakfast I made brunch on Saturday extra special this week, trying to incorporate as much stuff from the farm as I could. Frank’s working down in Cambridge during the week, poor guy, so I try to make his weekends as special as I can.

I picked spinach from the garden, got eggs just laid by our hens, and through together a really nice omelet. I steamed the spinach with a little butter while the eggs cooked, and then added it to the omelet with some sharp cheddar cheese from Cabot in Vermont.

The bacon is from our own pigs. It is so good! I thought we were out and was sad, but I reorganized freezer camp and found two more packs. Whew! Pastured pork is so unbelievably yummier than feedlot pork.

It’s strawberry season, and I picked strawberries of our own and combined them with some that I got from Bershears in Alstead this week. I made shortbread with my sourdough starter, and whipped up some raw milk cream to top it, sweetened with our own honey.

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