One Local Summer Week 7


I was so busy this week because I was here by myself, had a dog in heat, plus all the usual farm stuff that I swear I kept forgetting to eat almost every day. Not good, because I know I need to fuel my body if I’m going to work so physically hard, but oh well.

Then the weekend came, and we spent much of it in the truck, driving up to get Ella Mae. But I did manage to get in one all local meal for us, just barely.

It seemed appropriate to eat beef after we picked up the cow, so I took out part of the hamburger we got from the half of a cow we bought earlier this year, used Cabot cheese and a farm stand tomato to just make simple burgers on homemade rolls, cooked on the grill. Except these burgers rock. Grass-fed beef is just so much better! I used the oven in the grill to bake the bread, too. Perfect! No heating up the house.

I’ve been worrying about the amount of eggs and meat I’ve been eating, mostly because people make comments when they see my pictures about how they wish they could eat like that. Or isn’t it unhealthy? Isn’t that a clogged artery on a plate? So I scheduled a full physical, and got the results back today.

Clean eating results

The results were great. I’m in the best health I’ve been in my life. Cholesterol should be under 200. Mine is 166. Triglycerides should be under 150, mine are 80. HDL Cholesterol (the good stuff) should be over 40, mine is 61. (I hear I get an extra brownie point for going over 60. Go me.) Glucose should be 70-100, mine was 77. And it went on and on.

I think it’s all because of the pastured meat and eggs I’m eating, as well as all of the fruits and veggies. To be honest, I don’t eat well when Frank or the interns aren’t around. I do forget to eat far too often. But when I do, I don’t eat crap. No processed foods. I bake all my bread. No high-fructose corn syrup, ever.

It was great to see my gut feeling confirmed. If you choose your food right, you can eat this fabulous stuff, guilt-free! Perfect. I may just be in the farming for the food after all.

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  1. I hear you about the eggs and beef. I actually used to try not to eat beef more than once per week. Now that I don’t buy meat other than the chicken, pork and beef that we have in the freezer from local sources, sometimes I eat beef two or three times per week. Particularly now that we’ve eaten all our pork and won’t have more until September! The beef and eggs from pastured animals kept our ancestors healthy, so I trust it.


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