Separating the boys

The Girls and the Boys I really didn’t like the look of the fence separating the girls from the boys along that hill. We’d been feeding the girls as far away from the boys as possible, at the far end of their pasture, but so many of them are in heat now that they’ve taken to come over near the boys just to hang out. The boys love it, of course, and are barely eating themselves, preferring to oogle the girls instead. We still don’t have our winter village built to get them all into breeding groups yet, and we are probably a couple of weeks away from it, sadly.

Moving Miguel So today, Aaron knocked together a quick fence around a shed on the other side of the house, and one by one, he pulled the boys out from this paddock and over into their temporary jail. They didn’t really want to go. Who could blame them? To be honest, though, I’ll enjoy not having to watch my back so carefully when I go out to milk Ella Mae twice a day. We really should have them breeding by now, but I think we took on too much, again, this year. All the new birds this year turned out to be far more work than we had thought about. We usually have the sheep start breeding on Thanksgiving weekend and feel late then. Next weekend, Frank’s company party is in Cambridge and he and I are taking the weekend off, and the weekend after that, we MUST slaughter Gellert or the pigs won’t be able to start breeding. Eek.

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