Christmas Goose

Christmas goose for dinner Wow oh wow was this yummy! I just did the standard Joy of Cooking roast goose recipe since this was my first goose. Yum. Totally delicious. I made a port sauce with the drippings and that too was divine. I served it with homemade mashed potatoes and yellow beans that I canned this summer for a completely zero mile meal if you don’t count the port from Portugal. (and the zin. hush. Zin goes with everything. Eat local, drink global, that’s my theory.)

Homemade eggnog We watched Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle while sipping homemade eggnog with Ella Mae milk and our own eggs and waiting for the bird to finish roasting. I never manage to time that correctly, but whatever. It was a nice way to wile the day away while drinking homemade eggnog.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Eat local, drink global … love it! Good-looking goose! I can’t talk anyone around here into goose ever, but that’s my preferred holiday meat too! Happy holidays to you both!


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