Damn beavers

I took a walk out the snowmobile trail today with the pups, to see what it all looks like now that the loggers have gone. It’s so much more open, and yet it doesn’t look anything like I thought it would look when we said we were going to have the land cleared. I pictured those lush Vermont hilltops, and what we have is decidedly not that. Damn it.

Damn beavers When I got out past the “clearing” and down to the top edge of the swamp, I noticed that the damn beavers have the level up so high that the water level completely covers a fairly long stretch of the trail. We called the local snowmobile club to let them know. They maintain these trails for us in exchange for using them — win win. I’m not sure what they’ll do here. Build another bridge? That’s just wishful thinking. Make the beavers magically go away? Just call me a dreamer.

My foxy boy Look at my pretty foxy boy. Doesn’t he look like a huge fox? Bjarki means “little bear” in Icelandic, which is what he looked like when we got him. We now need to learn the word for “big fox” and give the boy a middle name. He’s looking so grown up these days. Acting it sometimes, even.

I so love having these pups. They are great company to me every single day. She is at a really interesting age. She is testing me far more than she used to. She so loves to chase the geese and I really have to watch her like a hawk.

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