It’s not going to stick, right?

A study in white We drove home from Cambridge through pretty steady snow. Not much was sticking down in the tropics, but the ground is pretty well covered up near us. We aren’t ready, of course. Are we ever? I had Aaron and Kell pull a bunch of cattle panels that we can use to build the winter village, and I really hope we get that done this week. The forecast shows accumulating snow at the end of the week, and we really don’t want to be trying to pound fence posts through ground that is really frozen.

No signs of Ella Mae going into heat this weekend, and we are all thinking happy positive pregnancy thoughts. I sure hope she caught last month. We’d be looking at an August baby if she did. Another cycle would put us two more months close to next winter, and I’m not sure I’m ready to handle a calf in the winter. Not my first, please. Piglets in February was awful. Polly in July was perfect. I think we are looking at lambs in May again this year. I wouldn’t mind them in April, but we never seem to have our act together early enough.

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