Our Icelandic Chickens

Snowy Chicken Coop The chicken coop is so much prettier now that it’s painted. I hated hated hated the particle board that we used, but it was a time of year that we didn’t have our own wood and needed it in a real hurry. We built it in March of 2007. I wonder why our sawmill wasn’t working then? We seem to always have trouble with equipment when we really need it for something. I put painting this on Aaron’s list of stuff to do, and it got done. Turning it around, though, we never got too, sadly. The door is pointed up hill, and the water drains as the snow melts and then it freezes, making us have to dig it out all spring long. Ugh. We hated that last year but obviously not enough to remember to turn it around.

Unfortunately, we waited too long. It is stuck, frozen solid in place. We also can’t find one of the logging chains. It’s out somewhere near the pig pen, buried in snow already. They are so expensive that we’ll just have to wait until spring to find it. We broke a lighter chain, a thick rope and the dog tie-out, and nothing would move the coop.

We tried getting tractor bucket under it to lift, but no go.

Keikur and friends The chickens, pretty as they are, are all under serious probation. I haven’t seen an egg from them in a solid month. They are now locked in, just in case they were laying somewhere other than the coop, but still, no eggs. Frank pointed out that we haven’t heard an eggaluyea in a week.

I just searched my archives. I was buying eggs last December and not happy about it. At least The Townies are keeping us in eggs. Whew! Buying those was a good idea. At least I don’t have to buy eggs at the store. The Townie eggs aren’t as good as the Icelandic chicken eggs, but they are way better than store bought eggs.

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