25 Random Things about Me and Farming

1. CALPC. Critters are like potato chips. You can never stop at just one. Or two. Or seventy two.

2. It’s harder than it looks. I didn’t think that could possibly be true, because I thought it looked really hard. It’s harder.

3. It’s better than it looks. I didn’t think that could possibly be true, becaues I thought it looked really great. It’s better than great.

4. They are trying to communicate with you. Pay attention. Plants, animals, predators. Listen carefully.

5. Weeding is forever and ever. Amen.

6. The Red Scoop of Joy is invaluable.

7. Get a crook and never go out your door without it, unless you are going to town.

8. Get a hat and never go out without it. Ever.

9. Raw milk rocks.

10. Farm dogs rule. Try not to watch what they eat.

11. There is a reason most everyone got all citified.

12. There is a reason the farmers moved west.

13. Fences. It’s all about the fences.

14. Frank was right. We needed a new tractor, with a bucket and backhoe.

15. Round bales of hay are amazing.

16. Eat. A lot. Early and often. Eat really good, healthy food in large quantitites. I don’t eat enough, and I think about food all the time.

17. Farming makes you physically strong. I routinely toss around 50 pound bags without thinking about it. I used to think 10 pound barbells were heavy.

18. All critters like to chase chickens. It’s fun. I must tell someone every single day to stop chasing the chickens, including other chickens.

19. On your way to do something incredibly important and time critical, you will see three other things that are of equal or greater importance and criticality.

20. The quiet countryside is not my farm.

21. Animals are amazingly strong and large, also ornery and smart. It’s a scary combination.

22. Layers, no kidding. I find four and five work well when the temperatures are well below zero. Silk and wool especially. Silk glove liners and two hats when necessary.

23. Firewood heats you about 10 times. Cut down the tree. Haul away the brush. Cut to log length. Throw into tractor bucket. Unload tractor bucket. Stack firewood. Haul it into the house. Put it into the stove. Empty out the ashes. Sweep up the debris. Get the dirt and grime off your clothes. Think about the state of the pile. Admire other piles.

24. Feed is EXPENSIVE. Good feed is moreso.

25. There are not enough hours of daylight, but there’s not much you can do safely after dark. As soon as it is dark, I fall asleep. It’s amazing how quickly I reverted to “farmer’s hours”.

5 thoughts on “25 Random Things about Me and Farming”

  1. Why do (did) farmers move west? Warmth, more area? If you move west enough you hit badlands, desert, mountains, then tract houses from horizon to horizon…

  2. Before you hit badlands you pass through New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. All are much better places to farm than New England. Most are also warmer.

  3. Very wise words- I especially relate to

    4. They are trying to communicate with you. Pay attention. Plants, animals, predators. Listen carefully.

    Oscar, the third cat in my life had a knack for engaging in long conversations. One day I felt off and ignored him. He then proceeded to run across the room, climb over my clothing and swat my elbow. What a guy – I didn’t realize how unusual he was till much later.

    You are also sooo wise – such great timing – what a silly “bad economy” situation too – what, more plastic toys to trash is “good for the economy?”.

    Only thing I feel you guys are missing is some common sense notions about diet, but hey if it works the way you do it, all the power to you LOL.


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