We did run the fourth roll of fence last weekend. We let the sheep out, and it took them two days to show up over by the pigs. At this point we have the veggie garden fortified, and use the dogs to keep them out of the flowers. We went out Sunday and could not figure out where they’re getting around. While we definitely want to put a fence around all 2x acres outside the easement, I’m not sure that continuing what we’ve been doing is the best course. I’m pretty sure we should finish fencing the dooryard/flower garden. Then maybe run the other way down Mack Hill Rd. I am a bit concerned that if we can’t put up at least a 1000 feet right off, we would be vectoring sheep into the village instead of our house. Lisa has pointed out that if we run six rail post and rail instead of three, we don’t need to back it with woven wire. That sounds like a win for the dooryard. One by six is easy to make.

Lisa got five raised beds raised and planted last week. Almost all the seeds except corn. The transplants from the basement are still waiting. Last year’s tomato seeds did very well. Not so much for the peppers. We have three plants. (None of this years seeds got planted, leaving us a quandary for next year.) There’s a whole flat of the Hatch chilis, leaving a three year supply from the smallest pack we could buy. I hope they hold up.

We hauled in some more 6×6 Sunday, but not enough at all. I upgraded the Mack Hill Rd gate complex, and it seems to be Minx-proof. I also planted the sweet potato vines. We left them at the post office too long, which was our bad. However they are barely rooted cuttings, and poorly packed — where was the wet newspaper or shavings? I’ve always been happy with Miller’s before, but I don’t think I’ll order sweet potatoes there again.

We got 100 square bales for Ella Mae, and immediately had to fortify them from her. It’s great stuff for first cut. Much better than last years first cut, and very early. The ducks and geese are now in back with Ella Mae. She doesn’t like grain, only Wonder bread, so it’s ok and we’ve one less chore. We can now go to bed before they do, which we frequently want to in June and July.

Lisa brought back 183 dozen eggs and 17 gallons of yoghurt, all organic from the kitchen last Friday. These big hauls, almost always expensive fancy stuff, didn’t start till last fall. We always got some tropical fruit, but not truckloads of stuff. We rarely get inexpensive stuff. I’m guessing our neighbors have remembered that they’re cheap yankees We’ve been hard boiling the eggs because mammals can’t eat too much raw egg white. Unfortunately it turns out the pigs don’t actually like eggs. They’re stuck. Nine dozen at every meal till they’re gone.

We planted half the corn and a pack of pumpkin seeds Monday. I’d been planning to wait two weeks for the rest of the corn. However the pumpkins can’t wait so the rest will go in this week.

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