One local summer week 3

I’ve been doing really well with lots of almost zero mile meals this week. The weather has been so rainy that I’ve had time to do some indoor things. Sometimes I really just want to be a farm wife rather than a farmer, just so I can cook more often. I made a couple of things that I want to at least start to jot down so I remember. I took pictures and uploaded them to Flickr in case I forget, but looking at them now helps. (Can I get a minion or two please? Thanks.)

DinnerHomemade egg noodles that I had dried from the batch last week, grass fed beef from our half a cow, scallions from the garden (it looks like the onions survived the sheep attack), raw milk from Stonewall Farm (2 more months until Elly is due and I’ll have my own again), puffball mushrooms that Frank found very close to home and dried black trumpet mushrooms and um something else that made it divine. Oh, some Cabot Cheese. Sorry you weren’t here! I put the dried black trumpets into the pot with the egg noodles. Wow did that make them taste divine. Must remember to do that more often. The puffballs were in such good shape and so big that I sliced them and carmelized them. Then I layered it all like a lasagna and baked it for about 30 minutes, until it was all bubbly. It’s sort of a grown up version of what I used to call “goop” when I was a young mother and very poor. Ground meat, cream of mushroom soup, onions on rice. Oh, lots of pepper in both versions. We licked our plates, and I have enough left to send it with him in the Bento Boxes this week.

Dinner It turns out I can manage to roast one of our turkeys without burning it or drying it out even while working outside. We ran fence whenever it wasn’t pouring rain too hard. But after it was done, I just let it come to room temp while we did something else outside. Then we sliced it up for dinner (and many future quick meals), served it with some lettuce thinnings from the garden (they survived the sheep too — thriving again — liked the trim) with homemade mayo from our duck eggs. I still had some potato bread left from last week, and it was still good in both senses of the word. It was yum. I think we win.

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