This Time for Sure

Well, the high tensile didn’t keep our sheep in. It lasted two days, then Kaytla, Minx and Gracie each brought in separate parties, while Fiona and the good sheep stayed out with the horses.

Surrounded by fencing tools We had guessed that we could extend the perimeter fence to where the snowmobile trail hits the swamp with two more rolls, so we scraped up the cash and bought them. Oops, when we actually measured, it will take three. So, we ran woven wire in front of our pretty high tensile strands from last week. That took about ten feet less than a whole roll, and we just chucked everybody out into the new paddock again. I don’t leave till Tuesday morning, so we have tomorrow evening to fix anything Minx shows us.

While we were out there, we saw the first boletes of the season. Two so far, but that’s the start.

The rain continues. I’m not sure when was the last day without at least some rain. It’s almost July and there have been many Mays with less mud than we have now. We had one sunny day and the corn grew three inches.

The pigs got grain today for the first time in a week. There’s still a bit of yogurt, but not so much that we have to process it in the rain, Maybe tomorrow.

Pretty Elly Ella Mae is gigantic. It’s hard to believe she still has seven weeks to go.

We lost three ducklings to a snapping turtle in the pond. The poor things are in the shed in the back paddock and getting spookier all the time because we don’t get there to socialize them. I did find Kaytla’s exit from the back paddock. No luck on Bjarki’s although I patched a couple possibilities. He’s forgotten where it is again anyway.

And that’s the news from Fencebuster Farm.

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