A Flourish of Trumpets

Today was the third beautiful day in a row. There might actually be some hay this year.

Supervising We were out this afternoon running high tensile around where Lisa had the horses earlier this year. As soon as we’re done, the pigs get moved in to bury the horse manure and excavate the smaller rocks. It’s a long run and clearing is going slowly. Once we get the bottom (one foot) run in, two more will take no time at all. We want to use the skid road as an internal road there, but there’s one (early) spot that’s so ripped up that we can’t get the tractor through. There is almost certainly gravel somewhere on our land, we just need to find it.

Black Trumpet Mushrooms Anyway, we were out working away when a friend of a friend from Massachusetts drove up with the news that black trumpets and chanterelles are out, and would we like to go for a mushroom walk? Why yes we would. And they are, barely. We found literally the first flush of trumpets, a few random chanterelles, and again the first flush at our one reliable chanterelle spot. Apparently this puts us about a week behind central Mass. No boletes yet, apparently they should show next week. There’s a pound of trumpets in the fridge, and the dehydrator has the rest.

On the make the farm pay front, he is retiring to North Carolina (as everyone seems to these days) and has offered us his Hen of the Woods spots. We of course said “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” He gathers several hundred pounds per year. That’s serious money.

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