Bumper crop of trumpets

We are having an amazing season for black trumpets this year. I guess it’s because there’s been so much rain, but the places where we usually find them are covered in them, and places where we’ve never seen them before are equally covered. It’s really fun to go out with baskets and have to come back in because they are full and we just can’t carry anymore. Wow.

Beautiful Black Trumpets So — I’ve put them up for sale already on Etsy, here. We’ve already got enough for ourselves this year and am happy to share the bounty. Black trumpet mushrooms are amazing — the texture is lovely, they reconstitute really well, and drying them concentrates the wonderful flavor. I put them in everything — gravy, sauces, pasta, chili.

I even remembered to update my “what’s for sale” page.

If you are local and would like fresh mushrooms, give me a call or drop me an email. Our dehydrator is running flat out and we are picking ahead of it. It’s maxed out and we have many available fresh. What a year!

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