One Local Summer Week 5

Dinner I read this article about burgers, and decided to make some for us this week. With the 4th of July this week, I’m pretty sure it’s the law to grill burgers, isn’t it? We came in from working outside until we were exhausted (no rain!) and almost drank dinner, but at about 8:00 I got a second wind and at least we had meat and cheese instead of just wine for dinner. Grass-fed beef from our half of a cow put on a scorching hot grill with just ample amounts of salt and pepper rubbed in. It seared really well and stayed medium rare inside. Perfect. (The rolls were the potato rolls from last week, still good. Yay. Need to bake bread today or tomorrow.)

Local cheeses It was too dark outside to go get some lettuce from the garden and our tomatoes are nowhere near ready, sadly. We had a good selection of local cheeses on hand. Frank put some baby swiss cheese from Boggy Meadow Farm which is in Walpole. I picked it up when I went searching for strawberries the other day. Me, I went with extra sharp cheddar from Cabot. I love that we can call them local.

Strawberry Ice cream For dessert, we had homemade strawberry ice cream, with milk from Stonewall Farm in Keene. I wrote all about my strawberry adventures here. I made jam, strawberry bread and ice cream with fresh strawberries this year. I still have some in the ice box that I need to turn into jam. The weather is so delightful, however, that I hate to be inside and I’m not sure when I’m going to get to it.

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