Still in a Previous Life

More Yogurt Friday night and Saturday all went to yogurt. I fed the last of Mount Yogurt to the pigs Friday morning. The Community Kitchen called an hour later — they had four U-boats of yogurt and would we please make sure to have it gone before the rain on Saturday. We made a run Friday night and came back with two and a half of the four in an overflowing truck. Saturday was two dump trips: Three trash bags from the house, two and a half truckloads of yogurt detritus.

Then it was back in the truck for another Keene run. We ran errands, ate sushi and got back just in time for piggy dinner with another full truck. It wasn’t all yogurt this time. We had canning jars, oil change supplies, and a Salvation Army crock-pot for waxing cheese besides all the stuff from the Kitchen.

My first two waxed cheeses Sunday it rained. Lisa caught up on milk processing–cottage cheese and yogurt — I dumped yogurt into buckets for the pigs, and we used the new crock-pot to wax the two cheddars Lisa made last week. (If you don’t wax them, you have to diddle with them every other day. Been there, didn’t do it, really expensive pig food.) The wax part worked really well. I want another crock pot to do beeswax, I might even want one each for before and after filtering.

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