The Piglet Pool

Hermione This is Hermione today, October 7, 2009. She’s a two year old purebred Tamworth pig. I was convinced she’d have those piglets today, because it’s raining really hard and the wind is really bad. Plus, she’s been keeping herself separate from the herd, and definitely nest building. She didn’t come up for breakfast this morning and then dinner this evening, so I went to see how she was doing. She then followed me back down, after showing me her nest and getting a good scratching, so she is still eating, after all.

But then I looked at the photo from the day before she had piglets last time. What a milk line! Neither of the younger three girls got near that big before they had piglets. Hermione delivered four days past her due date last time, but we don’t have a clue when she and Albus Dumbleboar did the deed.

Any guesses as to when and how many? I’m going to say Sunday the 11th with 10 piglets. She had 6 live last time, her first.

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  1. Last time she was four days past the last possible due date, assuming she caught on the day we brought her home. She could have been weeks overdue for all we know. I’ll go with Monday, since it’s supposed to rain. Ten piglets sounds good. I assume we’re only counting live births.

  2. It turns out to be Saturday and six piglets. And there’s another sow hiding back in the brush. We’re trying to figure out if it’s Minnie or Mona. Ginny and Mina are accounted for.

  3. I am going to guess ten piglets and when its cold/raining, because for some reason they always like to hold of to the worst weather possable. or at least my momma’s do LOL

  4. Chick of th woods facebook update.. Lisa you lucky thing, I have been having having a great fall for finding Kings, I have spent the last couple years looking for a chick of the woods, and never found one yet, we keep trying new hiking trails and we are not giving up.

    However my own back pasture faithfully gives me two to four 20 to 30 pd puffballs yearly and I do so enjoy them for drying and using as a thicken with a mushroom flavor but my favorite is the kings.. love them.

    Happy mushroom hunting!


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