Leadersheep seemed like such a good idea

When Frank first started looking at a way to keep the brush down in our future orchard, he looked at goats, but I don’t really like goat’s milk cheese, but I do like sheep’s milk cheese. So then he found the breed Icelandic sheep, who have pretty fiber, nice milk, and yummy lamb. They also browse like goats do. What’s not to like?

Then he found out that they have horns, which we like. They came in a variety of colors, which is fun. They are smart. Wow. Sheep that aren’t stupid? Un-improved sheep sounded awesome.

Then he found out that they have a special subset of the breed called Leadersheep. Sheep that are bred for their smarts. Sheep that can handle storm predicting and predator avoidance, and find the best pastures to browse on, without a shepherd or guardian. We wanted one of those.

It really seemed like a good idea at the time.

We were so wrong. So very, very wrong.

Three generations

3 thoughts on “Leadersheep seemed like such a good idea”

  1. LOL, I have to admit that I do have a leader sheep and love her to death but o yes, she can be a pain in the butt in so many ways LOL but just wait, they pass it on to their daughters, and now I have three of them.. yikes..hahaha

    I have broke all my leader girls to collars for leading but also found that the best thing in regards to control with them, is a good working ISD at my side..


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