Visiting the farm

Jeremy & Pearl Jeremy came home for a couple of days, just a quick visit. It was so nice to see him again. He moved out to San Diego a couple of years ago, and wow has the place changed since the last time he saw it! Much more land is cleared, the flocks are all bigger, there are more sheds, more fencing. He had old friends to see, like Prince and Pearl, and new friends to meet, like Elly and Maggie. Maggie remained conflicted on the whole deal. She wanted to like him because she could tell we thought he was okay, but he’s a stranger! Get him off of her farm!

Jeremy & MinnieAfter making me prove how friendly the pigs were by petting them all and getting lots of snuggles in return, he pet a pig for the first time in his life. He’d seen the pigs that first summer we had them, but we were very new at pigs and weren’t at the petting them stage quite yet. Now I can nearly lay down on top of Albus and scratch his tummy. They seem to enjoy the company.

I like having friendly critters to show visitors. The pups are really really sad he’s gone and isn’t throwing balls for them still.

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