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11 nursing Tamworth piglets One of the pictures I took won third place in a contest on Facebook today. I like that! Taking a good photo of critters is hard. I have to see what’s in the background, because a lot of the time it is stuff I don’t want to photograph. I have to check the lighting. I have to make sure that going over to take the shot doesn’t disturb the scene, which is hard. And I wish I had a better camera! The one I’m using now is water-proof and bullet-proof, really, but it’s really hard to focus. I broke so many cameras before this one, though, and really can’t afford to keep buying digital cameras every six weeks.

Still I look at that photo, and love so many things about it.

My sow felt safe enough around me to be that relaxed.

She had her piglets out on pasture.

They are so cute!

There’s also a video of the fussing that led to the photo. Of course. At least this camera lets me take videos, too!

I would love this picture more if Parvati wasn’t being such a fence-buster these days! I have chased her and all the piglets back in, with the help of the dogs, about three or four times a day for weeks. Weeks!

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  1. 3-4 times a day for weeks?! I couldn’t even imagine! Jeez! And I think chasing the puppies around the fenced in doggie run when I’m trying to train them is frustrating. 😛

    Awesome picture, by the way.


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