A widowmaker nearly made a widower

Guess what happened A tree that’s been impossible for us to get down came down today. On me. I was on the tractor. I first felt it hit my head, then it must have hit the roll bar, because I was slowly crushed into the steering wheel. I managed to pull myself out (it was really hard because it knocked the wind out of me and was crushing down hard) then I fell onto the snow.

We tried to evaluate the situation, but when I couldn’t get up, Frank called 911. The Marlow team responded and then called in the paramedics. What an awful ride on bumpy dirt roads. They can’t give me anything for pain because I’m allergic to all opiate derivatives. Sucks.

What actually broke in my back is all sort of fuzzy, so I asked Frank to write it down:

She fractured the transverse process (one of the little wing like thingies that stick out on each side) on 4 vertebrae, the lowest thoracic and three lumbar vertebrae.

She also vertically fractured the main body of the second lowest lumbar vertebra. I saw the cat scan, and it looks like a piece of stove wood split off the side of a big log, in scale, a splinter.

I decided not to stay overnight in the hospital. We don’t have health insurance and I’m not in as bad shape as I was when I was rammed by a ram. They say these will heal on their own. I just need to take it easy for the next month. I want to find the back brace I used when I got rammed. They gave me a couple of things to try to manage the pain, but if the lighter stuff won’t cut it, I’ll just go on opiates and combine it with Benydryl. That sucks but it does work.

In the meantime, OW. Also? Roll bars are really good things.

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  1. Everyday I read about your farm, your animals, your recipes. It always makes me feel good to read about someone living a dream, that’s how it looks to me.So sorry to read about your accident today.Sounds like someone caught that tree, if you believe such things. Unbelievable it wasn’t so much worse.

  2. Aw, Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. I know you are not a believer, but I also know that God loves you and the way you treat your animals and there is a reason you were not killed. I will pray for you that you can deal with your pain and get well quickly.

  3. Its amazing you’re ok. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know.

    I had better check our leaners for safety.

    Try to have a merry christmas and get better soon.

  4. Wow! Your guardian angel earned his overtime pay yesterday! Seriously glad you’ve got away so lightly. Hope you mend quickly and without too much pain. Just take it easy! Hugs. xx

  5. Wow although it does sound awful. It also seems it could have been so much worse! I’m so sorry your Christmas changed so dramatically. Hope you are not in too much pain today. Merry Christmas!

  6. It sounds as through your commenters are correct in that someone whether you believe it or not was watching out for your safety. Even though the description sounds bad, I’m glad that it will heal up on its own. I know you are a pretty active person and taking it easy for the next month will be difficult for you, but please just do it. OK?

    Have the best Christmas you can under the circumstances and 2011 is a fresh new year with a clean slate. I for one am going to see if I can make 2011 a better year than 2010.

  7. OMG! lisa…..i am so sorry ….you are ONE lucky chica …..had that tree come down any squarer on your noggin?….broken neck…..

    i am sorry re the pain issue…..& rather surprised they cant come up with another combo that wont send you into hives…..

    i have to say ….u are quite amazing …..you went HOME?!?!….isnt there any fear that the process’s will migrate before they heal?….

    ((((big gentle hugs……& a shot of whatever would calm frank…))))

    i am sure that scared the shit out both of you……..

  8. OMG! I finally get back on Flickr and see you lying on the ground.
    You are one lucky lady. Someone was definitely looking over you.
    Please take care of yourself and do NOT try to do things that you shouldn’t.

  9. Please!!!! Listen to your body and do not push yourself…I realized you are not that type of person…but your body needs to heal so that you can get back to doing what you love to do….

    Yes…after losing Jillian, i question the wisdom of the higher power….but the people above are right, you did have an angel watching over you..so, take care…again…gentle hugs.

  10. Lisa …Karen just shared this terrible news. Somehow I missed it. I am so sorry to hear about your accident but am so happy that your injuries are not worse. You are one tough bird. Hang in there. Don’t over do it. You’ll be fighting fit before you know it.

  11. Wow. Great decision on the 911 call. (I’m a former ER nurse turned sheep farmer.) Our elderly neighbor took a fall down a flight of stairs last week and her husband just picked her up and took her home. Turns out she had major injuries. Better to have the experts get you safely to the hospital. Anyway, I am sending good healing and positive muscle relaxing vibes from Oregon your way. Take good care of yourself. (And enjoy watching that tree burn, burn, burn.)

  12. Good on ye for having a rollbar. And yes, you never want to move anyone who has even the possibility of a back injury.

    Yes, to listening to your body as you heal. So glad you weren’t hurt worse, but sorry to hear you were hurt at all.

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