Beautiful Day

Post-blizzard It was just stunningly gorgeous outside today. Big, blue sky, clear and cold. The wind wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still went right through you. We are wearing layers upon layers, which is the only way to survive out there. Not that I was out there that much, because I’m still in pretty grim shape. Just getting dressed (in three layers) and making breakfast wore me out, but I’m supposed to do “gentle walking”, and petting Pyrs seems to be the best way to do that.

Sheep treats Frank made two trips to town for the food run again, on top of doing all the regular chores. I usually do those trips, but I can’t even begin to think of driving the truck yet, nor loading the truck. I’ve been impressed with my own self lately with how strong I’ve become, but having a broken back has put a damper on that! Jeremy helped a bit in the morning, and adding another dog to the mix out there made it more complex.

My two lap puppies Roki remains a doll, though. I may not let him go back with Jeremy! He’s so much like Disa, yet looks so much like Bjarki. I haven’t seen Disa play with another dog so fully like she does with Roki. Complete abandonment and symmetry. They are very similar in size and they play the same way. They are also both total cuddle buckets, and they fell asleep together on my lap last night. Every now and then, Disa would wake up and lick his face and clean his ears. It was too sweet for words. (He is going to have the cleanest ears in town, because both Disa and Bjarki lick his ears, and he reciprocates!)

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