Ducks at the Bee Bar

At the bee bar When Frank was out fighting with water tanks and the balky woodstove in the basement, he noticed that the ducks were hanging out around the bee hives. We’ve never noticed that before, but it seems they’ve discovered that bees take potty flights when the weather will permit it, and the ducks haven’t seen bugs in a while. Yum! The bees have been eating honey, so they are nice and sweet.

I had to find a way to distract them and get them out of this paddock. We can’t afford to lose any more bees. The workers are really scarce this time of year. So I went down and said “water!” “water!” and got them to follow me out. Then I brought them a special bucket of warm water. Now to figure out where to over-winter the ducks and geese. Yikes.

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