Garden Meditations, 2011

We grow rocks We live on a “frozen bit of ledge” as a UNH agronomist told Lisa after hearing that she lived in Marlow. I would add that it’s a frozen bit of ledge with no drainage. I believe the technical term is “hydric soil”. We simply have no place to garden without raised beds.

Lisa has identified a tractor-accessible north-facing slope. If I take the backhoe out there this weekend, before the ground freezes, and dig some holes, I should actually buy trees to put in them next spring.

As we ramp up production, we need to figure out a way to sell temporary surpluses of perishable items. Maple syrup and frozen meat aren’t problems. They keep, so we have plenty of time to sell them. So far the only issue has been eggs. Every so often we have a few extra dozen. We also intermittently have goose and duck eggs. So far, we’ve simply canned or frozen extra veggies. If not next year, then in 2012 I hope to start having even more veggies than we can use ourselves. But it won’t be enough for a regular farmer’s market.

Omnivore’s CSA?

Fences, fences, fences.

2 thoughts on “Garden Meditations, 2011”

  1. Dear Frank and Lisa,
    Hello from Michigan. I just finished reading some of your writing and look forward to reading more.

    I have about an acre and a half on Lake Huron. I grow grapes and have about 150 vines, most of them Cabernet Franc. Have put in twenty Pinot Gris and hope for a harvest in a few years. The juice grapes produce well and the hybrids had a pretty good year – except for the ones that the deer got.
    My best, Dan

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the kind words. I knew about your place of course, Doris even sent a couple of pictures when you bought it. I didn’t know about the grapes though. Good luck with them. I’d like to try some, but most of the good hybrids seem to be good only to -15, which still isn’t quite enough for here.



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