Runamuck Ranch meets Fencebuster Farm

Tenzing Kelikatur (called Tenzing) is Disa’s next baby-daddy. She’s in heat now, and I’m taking her down to a special vet that does canine artificial insemination tomorrow. First they’ll test hormone levels, and I’ll start taking her temp a couple of times a day. Then, when the stars align, I’ll drive her back down to the vet for the magic turkey baster. It’s about a three-hour drive each way.

Her heat is a little early and caught us a bit by surprise, but since she had the split-heat last time, we really didn’t know when she’d cycle again. But yesterday when I got home from the Holistic Farming class I’m taking, Maggie and Disa both were cuddling with me and then suddenly they were at each others throat. Then Bjarki went to break it up, and Buffy and Faith all joined in. Uh, wow. I finally just reached in and grabbed her tail and hauled the little wolverine out. She snapped at them all the entire way to the house, even though they all ignored her and started to play with each other.

This morning, Disa saw Maggie and ran for her, teeth bared. She’s given us such an understanding of just how bad “bitch in heat” can be, how crazy. Sudden irrational lethal. Then cuddly.

We are keeping either Bjarki or Disa in the house, and one has to be outside, and it’s very cold. It’s going to feel well below zero all night. I’m hoping the cold cools her off a bit. Bjarki’s determined to get to her, so we are double doing everything. No one tell Bjarki that he’s not going to be the daddy of these up-coming babies. He’ll make a great step-daddy, won’t he?

I was looking at Tenzing’s photos today, and I wonder how much of a little devil he is. I can’t decide if I dare keep one of the puppies myself. That was the plan. Then I’d be able to have two females that Bjarki can breed.

Do I really want to know what happens when Runamuck Ranch meets Fencebuster Farm?

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  1. Wow, he is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the photos of the puppies!

    I do not envy you having a bitch in heat. We got Gemma unfixed, and fixed her pretty damn smartly once the heat started – oh, the howling!


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