Snowmobile Season

Blizzard With all the snow, there are lots of snowmobilers out and about around here lately. Getting the Pyrs used to snowmobiles is tricky. They are pretty convinced that they are here to steal or harm their critters, especially at night. We have a snowmobile trail that cuts right across our land. With all the snow we got just recently, there’s a lot of traffic on weekday evenings and all during weekends and holidays.

I’ve been trying to get them used to traffic on that trail. I walk the perimeters a lot with the them, showing them where I want them to patrol — up our road, and down the snowmobile trail, all around the sheep paddock. But so far, they bark and bark and bark and bark. It makes it hard to know when there’s something else going on out there. I keep telling myself that they’ll get it, soon, which would be nice.

Valerie on her snowmobile I think perhaps we need to have Valerie show up on her machine, and let the dogs meet one up close and personal. Just like when the flight patterns above us changed and for days we had dogs barking all day and all night, they need to learn that this is going to be normal during the winter.

(It’ll be a week since my accident tomorrow, and I guess I’m doing better. I’m supposed to do some “gentle walking” and I’m really glad the Pyrs are exactly the right size to pet without needing to bend over. I keep making the mistake of going out with my camera. I squat down to take a shot, and get stuck. I can’t get back up without help! Come on, back. Heal, baby, heal!)

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