Beekeeper’s Dilemma

Invasive species are a problem in New Hampshire, as they are throughout North America. We are green and granola, not to mention a licensed plant dealer/nursery. Clearly we should be running search and destroy missions through our woods. That is particularly relevant this year: I found honeysuckle on our land for the first time last summer, and there is purple loosestrife literally across the road, also for the first time. For the hat trick, we’ve started getting seedlings from the burning bush that the doofus landscaper planted. (Nope, no global warming, plants and animals moving tens of miles north are a clear demonstration that the world is getting colder.)

However, we keep honeybees, also an invasive species at least before the mites showed up. They love honeysuckle, Purple Loosestrife and Japanese Knotweed. We want the honey and the pollination and the bees need all the help they can get. Makes it hard to get upset. I think I’ll stick to worrying about erosion on the slope behind the house.

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