Guess Sir Albus Dumbleboar’s weight!

Morning, Albus I love the way Albus and Frank interact, man to man, respect and friendship. I like the tone of voice Frank uses when he talks to him. I like the eye contact that they make. I like the obvious affection that they have for each other. I like the deference that Albus shows to Frank, wanting their daily chat, but not being pushy about it. I’ve seen the relationship develop over the three years we’ve had him, and I suddenly noticed today that Albus makes Frank look small.

Morning, Albus I have a great relationship with Albus, too. I’ve been the chief provider of tummy rubs since he was 10 weeks old. (He was born at Hogwash Farm in the first week of February, 2008.) If I’m out there with him and NO ONE ELSE IS HOME, I can ask him if he wants a tummy rub and he’ll roll over on this back and grunt. But if Frank is home, even if he’s not visible, if I ask Albus if he wants his tummy rubbed, he walks away in disgust. Of COURSE he doesn’t! He’s a big boar now, a manly man. The nerve I have for even asking.

Albus and his gang I like how long and lean he is, not too round and fat. He’s never had free-food like in a feeder like some farmers provide, because we want him to stay fit and able to keep breeding for as long as we can! Sometimes Albus will get pushy at the food trough and put his front feet actually in the trough. I scold him just like a mother scolds her children. “Albus! Get your feet out of there!” Only twice in all this time have I had to go over and put my hands on my waist and ask him a second time. There was chocolate cake in the trough both times. He’s not a saint!

He is a sweety. He scares lots of people when they visit because he has intact tusks and he’s just so big. He’s eye level for many children, and that can sure by scary. But when I introduce new people to him, we squat down and get at his eye level. He’ll give you a look over and decide whether or not you should pet him. The answer is always yes. Never say no to pets! That’s my Albus.

We should figure out what he weighs, just to know. We don’t have a scale that big, but there’s a method for figuring it out with a measurement from both around his chest and his length. Here’s a good description of the formula. He’ll be easy for us to get pretty accurate measurements as long as we scratch behind his ears a few times first.

New bale to the pigs What do you think he weighs? We’re going to have a contest for a quart of maple syrup. There are lots of pictures of him in his very own set on Flickr, many with a tractor or a person next to him for some size comparison. The date the photo was taken shows up on the right hand side of the page, and there’s even a video of him munching on tree tops next to the tractor, pretty recently.

Here’s the formula: Girth^2 x Length and DIVIDE by 400.

Leave your answer in the comments. Whoever guesses closest wins a quart of our own syrup.

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