How you can help the honey bees

I love keeping bees. We’ve had hives since 2003, sometimes more successfully than others, but always at least one. Everyone seems to love bees more these days, after hearing about Colony Collapse Disorder and the mites. Poor bees. There’s one easy way for you to help, without needing to be a beekeeper yourself.

Help the bees. Leave your dandelions. In the early spring like it right now, the only source of pollen they have where we live is on maple trees and dandelions. Let the dandelions live! Don’t mow them away or spray them with poisons. The bees need that pollen.

Remember blowing the dandelion seedhead when you were a kid? Take it up again. Walk around your neighborhood and spread those seeds.

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  1. I’ve never really understood the hate for dandelions! I love seeing flowers in yards. There’s nothing more depressing than a monoculture.


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