Changed routines

Having Maggie injured and a new pile of puppies has put a couple of changes into the daily routine, but we are all starting to understand how it works.

We’re keeping Maggie inside overnight, despite her very loud protests when she hears something outside. It’s been clear at night lately and the moon is huge which of course brings all the coyote howling closer to the house. Man is she loud when she barks inside. It wakes everyone up and she is very insistent, but I’m not giving in. She’s in no shape to help, sorry.

Maggie's eating! But we are letting her out for a bit in the morning. She’s even eating on her own, as long as I remember to knock it onto the ground, the big weirdo. If I don’t, she’ll just guard it forever, not eat it, but if I spill it, she’ll painstakingly clean it all up. In the house, my trick is to walk Disa and Bjarki near where I’ve fed her … just that bit of pressure will convince her to eat. She’s also drinking on her own. So we seem to have finally got that under control. We’ll let her stay outside until mid-morning and then she willingly will come back inside the house. She’ll go out a few more times the rest of the day, but comes right back on her own. She’s still got lots of healing to do.

Nap time The puppies are a week old now, and still mostly sleeping. They eat and sleep, eat and sleep, and Disa has them all well under control. Everyone is gaining nicely, all quite evenly. No runt this time. Disa still spends almost all her time with them, though will go outside for 20 minutes or so a couple of times a day. She stays upstairs with them at night and isn’t sleeping downstairs with me, though every now and then she’ll come down for a cuddle, but as soon as she hears them peep, she rushes right back. She’s such a good mama. She’ll also bring me her ball from time to time for a quick game — no keep away now. She’s become quite efficient and dropping it. She’s a working mama! No time for silly keep-away games. Throw it again, fast! (Such a change!) I love to watch her nap with the babes. She’s such a cuddly girl, and so affectionate with them.

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  1. Can’t have too many pics and videos of Maggie, Disa, and the pups. Like, too much is not enough. Yes, obviously you have other things to do with you- time, but we won’t get bored when they appear!


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