I don’t think I remember hearing that any sort of precipitation was on the forecast for today, just wind. We got wind, but we also got snow. Stupid snow. I am so not ready for snow. It’s not going to stick. That’s my mantra.

Maggie is getting better. She spent all day outside and was only willing to come in when it was getting dark. I sort of think that’s okay. The real predator risk is at night, really, and if she’s more comfortable outside during the day, I’m okay with that. I’m just not yet ready for her to go back on duty protecting the farm. Her wounds are healing well. The worst part is that front leg of hers, though, which she has access to worry the most and is looking quite grim today. ugh. Poor baby.

Buried chicken coop Frank put up some more roosting perches in the chicken coop. We really need a second coop but that hasn’t happened, so we have to figure out how to make enough room in this one to get us through the winter. More places to roost at night is the current solution. They hardly spend any time in the coop at all during the day, so as long as they have plenty of space to roost at night, I think it can last one more winter. But next year, we really need a second coop.

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