Dog days

Puppy 1 We got a good look at all the puppies this morning — took photos, weights, checked sex and dew claw status. I’m not sure why many Icelandic Sheepdog breeders care so much about dew claws, but they do, so now we know. All but one of them had double dew claws on both back legs and singles in the front. One only had one rear double dew claw. I mean, I know my Icies are incredible climbers, diggers and walk walkers, but I don’t really know how much the dew claws help with all of that.

Puppy 3 So we have three girls and two boys which I think is great because I want to keep a girl from this litter, since she’ll be unrelated to Bjarki. Yay. We have two black and white ones like Disa, one girl and one boy. Then the one who is a really dark brownish gray that I thought was black is a girl. The other two will be reddish brown like Bjarki and Reiki, a girl and a boy. What a nice mix of colors, and did I mention I’m psyched that there are three girls?! Yay.

Maggie is slowly getting better. I was determined to get more than eggs into her today, so filled her eggs with lots of cream and cheese and topped it off with bits of our very own bacon. Who could resist that? I got a bunch into her. For dinner tonight, I didn’t do as well, but did get her to eat about a cup of diced up chicken.

Maggie in the entranceway I’m letting her hang out wherever she wants, and she’s decided that watching the world from the entrance way is the best spot. It seemed to calm her down more to be able to at least see outside, which makes sense. The way our house is all of the living space is upstairs, and she’s not up to stairs yet, and I feel bad for her downstairs by herself. This seems to be a good compromise. I took down one of the puppies to her tonight for a brief meet and greet, but Disa wasn’t really happy with me so it was just for a minute or so.

She gets her drains out tomorrow afternoon, but I bet she still needs to keep the hated collar on. I bet they have to sedate her again, sadly. Still, we are making progress.

I thought Buffy, Faith and Bjarki might be feeling a little attention deprived, but they so live in the moment and are just so happy. We put the first round bale out for the sheep this morning and the dogs were so silly about being someplace new for a few minutes. Life is very exciting if you are one of our pups. Buffy and Faith are a bit more unsure about everything without Maggie around and completely confused about why she’s in the house now and have tried to come inside several times. I worry about them out by themselves every time I hear them bark now. It’s tough to know my brave defenders might get hurt so very badly.

Look at how much snow we still have. Melt, melt, melt!

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