Mending Maggie

Maggie barked barked barked barked barked all night last night, in my bedroom. She was pretty convinced that I didn’t understand that she wanted outside RIGHT NOW, so she kept coming up to the side of my bed and barking right in my face. Oh, I knew, because I could hear Buffy and Faith barking outside, and even Disa and Bjarki were calling the alarm, but no. She is in no shape to go help and I was pretty sure it was coyotes off in the distance, so they were not going outside. We didn’t get much sleep last night. (She hadn’t made much noise at all since her accident, so despite the loud noises, I was happy, just a tired happy.)

(I caught up on The Next Iron Chef on Food Network. So much fun. Insomnia can be your friend because I never watch television unless I can’t sleep. I keep thinking that there’s a show somewhere with farmers and the same concept … but I think strange things when I haven’t slept much lately.)

The weather has been fabulous this week. Mid-60s and sunny and dry. The snow has almost all melted. It’s been awesome to work outside again. I’ll take it. We weren’t ready for winter, and still aren’t, but having time to work on it in such pleasant conditions is just lovely.

Why won't you play with us?! We are letting Ms. Maggie spend more and more time outside during the day. Hours. But we keep bringing her back in. This morning, I watched her outside while I was making coffee, and saw her drink from a puddle. She hadn’t touched the water inside, so that was a good sign. This evening, I heard splish splash while I was undressing, and sure enough, she was drinking from the dish in my bedroom. FINALLY! No more subcutaneous fluids, finally. She’s not eating much yet, but some, but the drinking is so important.

There’s a nearly full moon out tonight and we’ve had four-wheelers on the snowmobile trail plus many airplanes, so Buffy and Faith have been barking their fool heads off all night. I bet I don’t get much sleep tonight, either. Still, Maggie is mending. Yay!

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