Be a person, not a page

A common mistake that I see people (especially farmers) make is trying to participate in social media arenas as an entity (a “page”) rather than as a person with a page. They register as “Awesome Farm” not Jane Farmer who manages a business called Awesome Acres.

It slows down the ability of fans to interact with them. It should be easy to connect, not rely on confirmation from you to accept the request.

If you try to “friend” me as Lisa Richards on Facebook, it can take me days to respond because I’m too busy actually farming to talk about farming. But you can become a fan of Mack Hill Farm whenever you want. I try to link to videos and photos from there as often as I can. I aim for once a day but don’t always make it.

You can watch videos of critters whenever you want on our Mack Hill Farm YouTube channel. No permission necessary.

It’s easier for people to share your stuff, too, because it’s all public.

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2 thoughts on “Be a person, not a page”

  1. I know what you mean Lisa. I used to keep a farm blog, plus journal, plus other things, now I barely have enough time to remember what I did yesterday let alone document it or blog about it. That may have to be my new years resolution. There’s so much happening here now, and so fast its a crime if we aren’t documenting it.

  2. Except for those of us who are so very Facebook-dumb that I don’t even know how to become a fan? I think? I can get to Mack Hill Farm, “like” individual updates, but overall fan, I don’t know how. I’m sure it’s simple as can be but when you don’t know, you don’t know. Still enjoying the reading.


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