A better fit

The Pawlet Place that we had moved to turned out to be, as they say, Not A Fit. Fortunately, we hadn’t really finished unpacking even and though I had a few sleepless nights of panic (to say the least), fairly quickly we found this:

In these hard times, here is a unique opportunity to lease a three bedroom house with small barn and land. The property contains space for a large garden where you could grow enough vegetables for your family and to sell at a local farmers market to help supplement your income. In the past, the barn has been home to horses, pigs, goats, chickens and turkeys. It is nice to go to the barn and gather your own eggs! The property also has an apple orchard that, with the proper care, could be productive again. Pets are also allowed on the property.

The house has three bedrooms, dining room with built-in china cabinet, large living room, bathroom with claw-foot tub. It also has a deck and above-ground pool.

Located 5 miles from I-91. Close to hiking trails and fitness center.

So we jumped, again. Quickly. Before winter has set in, even. We had purged so much of our stuff in the first move making the second better, but it still sucked, majorly. I hate moving with a red hot passion. This time, we have a five year lease with option. A barn, very exciting and something we’ve never had before. We don’t have the fields of pasture that we had really wanted, so are adjusting our thoughts and plans once again.

It would be wrong to say that I moved because of the tub … but I will say it really makes it nicer! I was really missing my soaking tub. It’s an essential part of my farming, being able to soak away the grime and soreness from working outside all day.

We are technically in the town of Windsor, birthplace of Vermont. The mailing address is in Brownsville. It’s much closer to where Frank is working, changing a two hour each way commute to 45 minutes, which means he’s home far more and spends less gas, too, which is nice. We are right near the now-closed Ascutney Mountain Ski Resort. We are literally on the side of that mountain. We are close enough to Mack Molding that people wonder if Mack Hill Farm name came from that, because yes, we’re keeping the name, still. It’s us and we have enough invested in domain names and signs and stuff that it seems crazy to start over with another name.

If I ever find the camera, I’ll post photos, but in the meantime, I’m using my little android phone. Jeremy is coming to visit between Christmas and the new year, so I’m trying to get us sorted enough for him to have a place to sleep.

Gaela and Tara continue to keep us and each other amused.

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