A north-country dusting

Jeremy's First Car I hated it when it seemed like Jeremy was chasing the storm up the east coast to get here before he got caught in the snow. It seems to happen every time he visits and he thinks it’s funny. He likes the snow and doesn’t seem to mind driving in it, but I’m a worrier. I keep reminding myself that he learned to drive while we had six feet of snow on the ground. I distinctly remember teaching him how to drive a stick shift in snow drifts that were too tall we couldn’t see around corners to know whether or not it was safe to attempt for someone who only knew how to gun the engine or he’d stall. We’d roll down the windows and listen really carefully, then he’d scream out the windows “here I come, please don’t kill me!”

This storm was supposed to be minor. All the local experts kept broadcasting this storm as something to barely pay attention to. We just had a big one, this one would be minor in comparison. We were going to have a “glancing blow”, a few inches of light fluffy stuff with no need of plowing or shoveling. Chill out! Enjoy.

So far, we are at six inches, and it shows no sign of slowing down. It hasn’t stopped all day. These are not the “snow showers” we were promised.

Jeremy is driving back to New Jersey today and I’m just trying hard not to fret. He’ll be FINE. I shall amuse myself with silly videos of Tara playing with Bjarki’s tail. She is pretty sure that is his reason for existence and I’m not sure he even notices. But it happens all day, every day, and it continually cracks me up.

I’m also going to remember what Roki sounded like the first time he met Tara, in Frank’s dark office. He screamed the scream of a poor baby being attacked by a big, scary monster and I was convinced there must have been a bear trap or something in there that caught him. But no, it was just a wee little black kitty. He did it several times while he was here this time, and I shall never say “scream like a girl” anymore but rather “scream like a Roki”.

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