Tiny progress

Buffy & Faith in the barn We finally finished a bit of fencing around one of the barn stalls this weekend, and write the date down, but it’s held for 24 hours. They don’t really have enough room, but it’s way better than being tethered, and Buffy and Faith can be together, which is much better for them both, silly girls. I think half of their barking when they were tethered on opposite sides of the house was not being able to see the other.

So they have a nice roomy stall with lots of hay that they are sharing with a few sheep. The only way to be able to feed them where they will have some peace is to give them raw meat instead of kibble, so they are loving that. The weather has been cold and wet and they’ve been doing a lot of looking out on it from the stall.

I did some some running around and playing in the late afternoon, though, so they are relaxing a bit. The electric tape across the top must have small holes in it or something because it’s making sparking noises and looks impressive in the dark. At least the girls know it’s on, that way, and Frank says it’s safe. Here’s hoping.

For now, Maggie has to remain tethered. I can let her off when I’m outside and she’s okay, but she can’t be trusted not to go out onto the road, especially if someone on a bike comes by. Ask me how I know! She can be a really scary girl and the road is so dangerous. It doesn’t look like we’ll get much perimeter fencing up before the ground freezes, but I’m still holding out hope for something along the road.

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